The power of sport
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At Fit 2 B Kids, we believe in the power of sport to transform the lives of young people. 

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering camaraderie, confidence, and inclusion among youth aged 7-18 through high-quality multisport and triathlon training. 

We are committed to breaking down barriers to the sport and bringing it to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable spectrum of kids. 

With your help, Fit 2 B Kids is providing opportunities so that all youth can experience the joy, accomplishment, and sense of community that comes from crossing the finish line together.


TRI Game Sports™
High School Multisport

What is TRI Game Sports™?

  • It is the sport of TRIathlon Gamified!
  • It consists of swimming, cycling and running together in one location on provided equipment and with technology designed to gamify the experience!
  • End the season with a TRI Game Sports™ race event!  (300m swim, 5 mile gamified bike ride, 1-2 mile run)

Why join TRI Game Sports™?

  • Cross training for your other sports
  • Develop skills in swimming, cycling, and running with a “gamified” atmosphere
  • Triathlon is an Olympic sport and NCAA sport for women with scholarship opportunities

Who should join TRI Game Sports™

  • High school students ages 14-18
  • Students of all backgrounds and abilities who want to develop skills of athleticism, perseverance and determination
  • Anyone who wants the opportunity to cross a finish line with confidence and discover they can do anything they set their mind to!

TRI Game Sports™ is a program offered by Fit 2 B Kids™ – a 501c3 non-profit organization.


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Our Vision

We first and foremost aim to be the stepping stone for youth to build foundational skills and to introduce them to the world of swimming, cycling, and running. Through our unique program, we provide all the necessary equipment, guidance, and clinics, ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to discover their potential.

Breaking Down Barriers

Fit 2 B Kids is committed to eliminating the barriers that often prevent under-recognized and under-resourced youth from participating in multisports. We provide all the necessary equipment, ensuring that financial constraints are never an obstacle. Our clinics are inclusive, creating a safe and welcoming environment for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Introduction to Multisports

Multisports open up a world of possibilities, combining skills from various disciplines. Fit 2 B Kids introduces young minds to this exciting realm, allowing them to explore sports like triathlons, duathlons, and other multisport events. We believe that exposure to different sports not only helps kids discover their interests but also encourages a lifelong commitment to staying active and healthy.

Boosting Confidence

Confidence is key to success in any endeavor. Fit 2 B Kids empowers youth by instilling confidence in their abilities. Through progressively challenging multisport activities, our participants gain a sense of achievement, pushing their limits, and discovering hidden strengths. Our experienced coaches provide guidance and support, helping kids overcome obstacles and develop the self-assurance needed to tackle life’s challenges.

Building Camaraderie

At Fit 2 B Kids, we understand that sports can be a powerful tool for building lifelong friendships. Our program is designed to create a sense of community among our young participants. Through team activities, group training sessions and clinics, and collaborative challenges, we foster bonds that extend far beyond the pool or track. We believe that community and friendship is foundational for personal growth and resilience.

Pathway to the Future

Multisport events like triathlons and duathlons are becoming viable pathways for young athletes to secure college scholarships. As colleges and universities expand their athletic programs, they are increasingly recognizing multisport talents. Fit 2 B Kids is excited to play a crucial role in introducing youth to these opportunities at an early age, giving them a head start in pursuing their dreams.

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors play a crucial role in making Fit 2 B Kids an accessible and impactful program for children from all backgrounds. By providing financial support, equipment, and other resources, they enable us to offer enriching activities that promote camaraderie, leadership, and personal growth. Their contributions help us create an environment where kids can build strong relationships while pursuing their passion for sports.